Project name – Healthy Home Project

Location- Gatlang

Altitude – 2200 metres to 2500 meters

Year of completion- 2008







Improvement Plan

Description –

Healthy Home Concept was planned for the villagers to provide them concepts of healthy living in healthy home.

Gatlang village lies in the high hills (more than 2200 meters from sea level) in the Rasuwa district of Nepal, at the north of Kathmandu. The village comprises nine wards, of which six forms the centrally clustered village with about 300 households and majority of them about 98% belong to Tamang community. The basic infrastructure such as drinking water, sanitation and waste water management are not made accessible among the community.

This project focused on how architecture and sustainable design and management of built environment can change a existing unlivable four walled structure in a comfortably livable and healthy home.

For this project, first the existing condition of homes were studied in detail and then improvement plans were suggested and after finalization of plans by villagers it was implemented for them by them with our assistance only.



DSCN0939  Materials used –

  Local Stone, Earth, Cowdung, Rise Husk, Dead Wood for furniture, Sand and Cement…

  Energy concept / Features     Electricity: Hydro and Solar

  Cooking: Improved Cook stoves , Hoods in Cook stove, Solar Box Cookers, Heat Retaining boxes

  Conservation of Energy through insulation of existing dry wall and wooden floors.


  The project is sustainable as it has been brought up with sustainable and ecological ideas. Use of local   materials, local labors, renewable technologies including training of local people and also promotion of building serices like toilet, sewerage pipes, washing space to upgrade the living standard of local people in healthy place. The project was planned for replicability and scalability by training local people to do all the process by them.


DSCN1176  Architecture:

  The project was for people and transformation of their living in healthier way in healthy environment    through architectural intervention and also upliftment of their livelihood.

 The project was for people and focused in how architecture can change their life, save their time and make them healthier and happy faced.








The Village1

Gatlang Village, Rasuwa.