Donkey Sanctuary

Project name – Donkey Sanctuary

Location-Badhikhel, Lalitpur

Altitude – 1500 m

Year of completion- May 2014




Description –

Animal Nepal is an innovative NGO (non-government organisation) based in Patan (Kathmandu Valley) and is run by an enthusiastic team of Nepalese and overseas animal welfare campaigners and educators. Animal Nepal’s main projects on the moment are helping the sick and injured street dogs. They have set up a Donkey Sanctuary, where abused equines find a loving home. 1)

Because the Donkey Sanctuary is getting to small, Animal Nepal decided to build a new ‘eco-friendly Donkey Sanctuary’ in Badikhel. In Badikhel also the old Don­key Sanctuary is located. The main difference with the new project is that it is working together with ‘The Sanctuary’. ‘The Sanctuary’ is an eco-friendly resort where tipi’s were build to be ‘one-with-nature’. The idea is to let the visitors also get in touch with the rescued donkey’s creating awareness and free publicity.

The sanctuary accommodates 30 injured donkeys with partition. The below the roof there is bamboo ceiling where straw and other food for donkey will be stored. All the bamboo used are treated.


Materials used –

Local Stone, Earth bags, Local Pebbles, Treated Bamboo, Scrap metals, Scrap Hume Pipes as window, Scrap Door all reused.. local earth, straw and cow dung for Leun Plaster for insulation.

Energy concept / Features -

Light: Sunlight, Electricity

Insulation: Earth Bags and Stone and rammed earth Floor.




Sustainability  -

The project is a sustainable architecture project as it has been designed to build using sustainable materials and also eco logical design. All the natural materials has been used for construction including some reuse material from scrap yard and locals has been trained for doing this. School volunteers also did some of the plastering and bamboo works.







Why is it architecture?

(Or why is it more than just another building, what makes it special?)

The projects is for donkeys... as it's a shelter for donkey we believe its architecture. This is different than other building as its special too as we have tried to use all natural and locally prepared materials only. The building is insulated and well sky lighted as the inhabitants donkey cannot complain like human beings.

The form and shape has been designed taking into consideration of earth bag construction and heights has been calculated for adequate ventilation and storing purpose.