Siddhipur Peace Pond

Project name – Siddhipur Peace Pond

Location-Siddhipur VDC, Lalitpur

Altitude – 1400 m

Year of completion- 2007



Description –

SiddhipurVillage is about six kilometers far from Mangal Bazaar, Patan. It is one of the old settlements of Newars. Siddhipur Peace Pond is located in ward no. 1 of the Siddhipur V. D. C. Previously the pond was called PhongaaPukhu. It was a used as a dumping site with foul water. Later with the new concept of developing it, its name was changed into Siddhipur Shanti Pokhari with statue of 8 feet tall Siddhartha Buddha at the centre.

The pond covers about 2000 sq. ft.. The spot is a junction of eight roads from eight different directions. It stands as a central place to act as a traffic belt. The pond will serve as a junction of physical, social and cultural values of the locals at the same time. Physically- it remain as a traffic belt and environmental improving tool; socially- it will be a place for gathering and interaction as there is a communal taps and water reservoir to serve the locals during morning and evening; culturally – the locals will pay daily virtue to worship the 8 feet tall Siddhartha Buddha. Therefore the pond will act a center of peace and enhances mutual interaction among the locals.

Materials used –

Local Stone, Traditional Bricks, Reused Steel, Reused Copper of old broken vessel for making Buddha statute, local earth.

Energy concept / Features -

Excess drinking water used in the pond for Fish, garbage pond or dumping site turned to a natural clean pond and water supplying tank for the village.

Sustainability -

The project site was a old pond and was used as dumping site promoting various disease to local due to unmanaged waste.

The project not only contributed to architecture but also habit of people, clean and nice environment and motivation to local.

After completion of the project, villagers construction 2 more ponds and learned to live healthy in cleaner environment.

Archtecture -

The project is not about building, it’s a construction of a pond with water tank for supplying drinking water to the villagers. It a vernacular designs with use of multiple functions in one component.